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If you have been in doubt as to whether your computer is doing the right updates to keep you secure or to prevent the typical slowdown with prolonged use or looking to keep your machine secure that is where we come in.

Using business-class software, let us keep a close eye on your PC to make sure you receive the Windows Updates when they are ready and bug-free, we can even update other apps for you on a scheduled maintenance window.

With our Cygnatech Backup service, we can backup your important files and even have the ability to let you do a complete recovery not just files (requires add-on)

Why get maintenance from Hamilton Systems?

Not sure if your home computer is doing updates, running security checks or worried it may just decide it has had enough and you lose everything?

Have you seen extortionate pricing for renewals of products such as Norton? They typically slow down the machine and cost crazy prices.

We include both Malware and Ransomware protection and depending on the price plan it could include a rollback facility. With our proactive approach, we discover problems before our clients’ notice. Check out our videos demonstrating what happens without the right protection. Whether you live in Harrogate or not we can support you throughout the UK.

What do we include in our package?

We aim to be jargon FREE but as sometimes people do want to know, we list just a few of the features below and we are continually adding value-added services.

  • Auto Alert a Technician
  • Auto-fix driver errors
  • Check for Hardware issues
  • Check Third-Party Software
  • Unlimited Phone Support from our team
  • Unlimited Cloud Backup – Continually backup your files and folders or do a bare metal complete backup (capable of recovering your whole PC including settings)


  • Bitdefender Antivirus – Often rated one of the best + we don’t use the standard one so even more streamlined to prevent a slowdown

What does it cost?

Pricing starts from £15+VAT,  discounts available for multiple computers (contact to discuss discounts.  Terms and Conditions apply.





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